这是mg电子试玩app使命中不可或缺的一部分, Head-Royce学校 makes the ongoing commitment to creating and sustaining an equitable and just school culture and environment for the entire K-12 community, 儿童和成人都一样.


It is a profound honor to serve the children of this school where we center everything we do around our students. mg电子试玩app相信mg电子试玩app校园里的每个孩子都应该被看到, valued, celebrated, 在mg电子试玩app的方方面面都得到了肯定.

mg电子试玩app理解 diversity, equity, and inclusion are not buzzwords to be sprinkled atop academic and co-curricular programming. They are tools we leverage to build cultures of belonging for each of the children in our care:

  • Our diversity work asks questions of who comprises the Head-Royce community
  • Our equity work asks questions of the systems and structures our students navigate once they are on our campus
  • Our inclusion work invites us to consider the learning experiences of our students—asking questions about what and how they learn across our beautiful campus

Our work in building a culture of belonging is guided by the conviction that when diverse learners have access to educational ecosystems that are designed to support their bodies, minds, and spirits—when they have access to practices that engage them in the classroom…when learning is defined by intellectual rigor, community, 和自我认知,每个孩子都能茁壮成长. At Head-Royce, mg电子试玩app明白,为了让mg电子试玩app的学生茁壮成长, it is our responsibility not just to feed the fish but also to make sure that the water they swim in is healthy. 通过关注系统, practices, 构建学生在校园的经历, we can ensure that we are creating a culture where students can show up as they are and know what it means to thrive.







海德罗伊斯学校反对一切形式的种族主义和仇恨. mg电子试玩app的整个社区反映了文化的多样性, racial, religious, 性别认同,mg电子试玩app因此变得更强大. mg电子试玩app学校的使命是建立在多样性的支柱上, citizenship, and academics; our commitment to these principles demands that we raise our voices in pursuit of justice. mg电子试玩app承认, 黑人社区遭受的持续的痛苦和暴力, and pledge to embody our mission by taking tangible actions to dismantle systemic racism and oppression.






Nia在斯瓦希里语中是“目的”的意思.” Nia encourages us to look within ourselves and set goals that are beneficial to the community. It represents our hopes and dreams for the future of our children and the future of Head-Royce. 作为一群父母, faculty, 和管理员, we collectively strive to foster community spirit within Head-Royce while building partnerships with community groups, individuals, 和企业.


Nia was established in 2003 when four Head-Royce mothers met to discuss how they could contribute and support the three tenets of the Head-Royce mission—scholarship, diversity, 和国籍. It was decided to host an annual speakers event that would be open to the Head-Royce and greater Oakland communities. These founding members also had the equally important goal of establishing an endowed scholarship to support the tuition for students of color admitted to Head-Royce学校. 


Established by the grassroots fundraising and personal financial contributions of the Nia founders, 奖学金捐赠基金已经筹集了200多美元,000 and ensures an admitted students of color will have financial backing throughout their Head-Royce academic career, 不顾任何社会经济限制.



亲和团体为有共同兴趣的人创造了一个空间, 背景和共同身份(如种族), gender, religion, etc.)聚集在一起寻求支持和社区. Head-Royce Affinity Groups are led by current parents and reflect the current community.

Our 2023–24 亲和组包括: 

  • 非裔美国人家庭网络
  • 亚洲家长网络
  • 性别和性多样性网络
  • 拉丁裔家庭网络
  • 学习差异网络
  • 白人反种族主义家庭网络




对于寻找亲密团体的学生来说,校园里有很多团体可以加入. 有九个高中组和几个mg电子试玩app组. These change from year to year, reflecting the needs of our current community. Our 2023–24 亲和组包括: 

Upper School

  • 黑人学生会(BSU)
  • 德西学生协会(DOSA)
  • 性别及性别多样性(GSD)
  • 犹太人亲和团体
  • 拉丁美洲人森
  • 多种族亲和团体
  • 穆斯林中东、北非、西南亚集团(MMENA)
  • 神经的多样性联盟
  • 泛亚学生联盟(PASA)
  • 白人反种族主义组织(WAG)


  • 亚洲、太平洋岛民、南亚联盟
  • 黑人学生会(BSU)
  • 性与性别联盟(GSA)
  • 犹太学生联盟
  • 混血的亲和力
  • 拉丁美洲人森
  • 有色人种学生联盟
  • 白人反种族主义组织(WAG)




All Head-Royce Professional Community members participate in 专业发展 opportunities throughout the year. 以下是mg电子试玩app最近工作的一个小样本:

  • Cohort of adults and students attended the 2023 NAIS People of Color Conference and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference
  • 全专业社区工作坊与E&I trainer Rosetta Lee on "Beyond the Why and Into the How: Practical Steps Toward Inclusive Classrooms"
  • Administrative leadership workshops with Elena Aguilar on effective and equitable leadership
  • National Equity Project racial affinity groups for faculty and staff throughout the year




  • Working to foster a local and global perspective so that we as a Community embrace world cultures, 解决紧迫问题, 理解互联性, 评估和解决冲突,并引起积极的变化.
  • 不断识别和紧急修复任何和所有伤害或伤害造成的, 单独地和系统地.  
  • Challenging our institution to strive beyond diversity and embed inclusion and belonging at every level. 
  • 积极提倡尊重他人, 拥抱个人, cultural and socioeconomic differences and modeling social responsibility, 公平正义. We seek to engage and listen with empathy and respect across existing differences. 
  • 投资招聘, 雇用和保留布莱克, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) as our School values the perspective and leadership of the BIPOC community.
  • 欢迎犯错带来的不适. We acknowledge that creating an inclusive and safe learning community requires evolution and we must embrace conflict and discomfort and learn from our mistakes.
  • Providing the time and resources necessary for our professional community members, 行政及校董会参加培训, 检讨及修订课程, pedagogy, 反种族主义视角下的政策和实践.

有了这些承诺, we intend to mold our school’s culture to our mission by ensuring empowerment and belonging for all students and Professional Community members. 通过这些努力, mg电子试玩app希望mg电子试玩app的学生将获得更多的了解自己, while cultivating the ability to embrace differences and think deeply about our diverse society and the expected and necessary changes that must occur.